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Post  ozrick on Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:29 pm

In your post add answers to the following queries :

Character Name : Ozrick

Character Class :berzerker

Character Level :32

Have you played Archlord before? If so where and to which level ?Yes.for 5 month.Gaiahon Knight lvl 56-Sorcerer lv 52

Were you recommended to the guild by a current member, if so who ?Yes by Rebornsaint an Archangel

Do you agree to the requirements of the guild ?I fully agreee an will suported it .I like cooperation in all aspect.making xp.help pk.siege.guild war ....Cooperation is a key thing is this game this server bring a new aspect to it . Im ready for the challenge

Why would you like to be part of the guild? Dominate THE SERVER Evil or Very Mad

All applications will be read through and decided on at the start of each week.

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