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Post  Feath on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:39 am

Character Name: Undecided, as yet. (On the other servers - many of my chars have Hacken**** as a name)

Character Class: Archer (Have tried all other classes, except Sorceror)

Character Level: Currently on the other Servers I have one char (knight @ 35) others in the 20's.

Have you played Archlord before? If so where and to which level ? Recently started playing AL. Have played many mmorpg games online.

Were you recommended to the guild by a current member, if so who ? Was in a PM converstation with Igotbanned about joining a guild, which knew what they were doing, on the new server. Then saw that he himself was wanting to apply here - thus thought to myself, why not go directly to the source.

I am a new player (4-6 weeks exp) [AL Forum name = Feath] to AL but have played many games over the years. I am an older person (retired) and would like to join a guild of "adult" players. I see that there are many kids who play the game. I have nothing against the kids - but, the conversation and tastes differ - thus, would feel a lot more comfortable in a guild of adults.

Do you agree to the requirements of the guild ? Yes.

Why would you like to be part of the guild? Like I said above, would like to learn the game - from the pros. I have time and dedication - may not be the fastest and the most agile around - but, hopefully will be able to hold my own. Again, since I don't know most, if not all of you - here is what I am looking for in a guild:

    • An adult guild
    • No racist, derogatory attitude towards any specific race, religion, creed ...
    • Play with people who know the game - and who can help me in learning the game (if this guild is a vet's only guild - then I'm not your man)
    • Guild comes before personal interest.
    • RL comes before guild and the game.


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